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Cant find your laptop charger? Let us do the work for you.

our Hi-Grade laptop charger needs to be reliable, durable and exactly matched to your machines requirements. Look no further than to supply exactly what you’re looking for. We supply high quality adapters with exact specifications that will power your laptop in a safe and effective way.
We sell chargers for the entire range of Hi-Grade laptops:
·          Hi-Grade chargers

Hi-Grade laptops usually require 19 output volts, and the adapter output amps can vary between 3.42, 4.74 and higher. sells robust chargers with a 12 month warranty, such is the confidence we have in our products. Our Hi-Grade chargers have a neat sleek design and most importantly, the charger’s extension cord is short which reduces the possibility of wear and tear.
We at strongly recommend that you purchase a laptop charger with exact specifications rather than a universal adapter. Universal adapters usually prove to be less reliable due to their adjustable power supply.
 We have recently extended our order cut off time to 5:50PM, a quality of service you won’t find elsewhere with ANY other laptop charger providers. This gives our many happy customers all the flexibility they need to place orders with little concern about delivery time, next day delivery is guaranteed with!
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