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Cant find your laptop charger? Let us do the work for you.

Are you looking for an Hitachi laptop charger? Well look no further as we stock a wide range of their laptop chargers. We have laptop chargers for their Hitachi E series, Flora, Flora Prius, Hitachi HESP series, Hitachi LA, MX, Prius Note, VisionBook, VisionBook Elite and VisionBook Plus. These chargers specifications are mostly 19 Volts and 3.42 Amps. We are glad to bring you this range of Hitachi laptop chargers, let us know if you cannot find the Hitachi laptop charger you are looking for. 

 If your laptop charger is broken we can have you back up and running in no time.

Each Hitachi laptop requires a unique voltage, current and connector. AC to DC laptop chargers are designed specifically to match accordingly. Your first step in finding the correct Hitachi laptop charger is to select the correct model through the search tool above. This tool will guide you to find an exact match for your Hitachi laptop to the correct Hitachi laptop charger.

The laptop charger is an integral part of any laptop. While Hitachi laptops are able to run on battery power, without the charger, there would be no way to recharge the battery. Hitachi laptop chargers provide power to the laptop and the battery by converting the electricity coming from an outlet, which is AC (alternating current), into DC (direct current) power and outputting it at the correct voltage. 

The laptop charger usually has two main parts. The first is the "transformer" or the largest part, which is the part that does the conversion from AC to DC current and connects to the laptop through a cable. Manufacturers specifically differentiate the tip sizes of this cable to ensure that users don't plug an incompatible adapter into the wrong laptop, which could cause damage to the laptop or laptop charger. The transformer is often significantly larger for more powerful Hitachi laptops. This is due to the fact that a more powerful laptop requires more wattage.

The second part of the Hitachi laptop charger is the power cord, which connects from the transformer to the wall outlet and delivers electrical power to the transformer. The power cord normally comes in a couple different varieties depending on the specifications of the laptop charger. 

When shopping for a replacement for your Hitachi laptop charger, it is important to find one that is compatible with your specific model. Use our search tool online to find the laptop chargers that are compatible with your model. This ensures that they provide the correct voltage, and that they have the correct tip to be used with your Hitachi laptop or notebook.

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